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Get the Click: How to Write Calls to Action that Drive Traffic from Your Sponsored Posts

Pay attention reader! Go this way. Every piece of content you publish ought to have a goal. Sponsored content placements on independent blogs are no different. Unfortunately, many content marketers use the guise of “generating awareness” or “creating brand lift,”

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Creating Compelling Content: How to Think Like a Brand Journalist

Launching the next viral app takes finesse. Or, maybe you’re the brains behind a walking, talking electronic toy destined to top every kid’s Christmas list from here to the Equator. Fabulous. Now market it. Shout from the rooftops and wait

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9 Reasons We’re Exhibiting at NMX (And Why We’re Really Excited About It!)

Let’s get one thing out of the way: New media is where it’s at. If you aren’t marketing through new media, your business or organization is at risk. This is not buzz. It’s not spin. New media, including blogs, podcasts,

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The Most Obvious Mistake Would-Be Content Marketers Make

Online marketing is shifting toward a content-driven model faster all the time. As new tools, techniques and best practices go mainstream, we’ll soon look back on the days when it was possible to market without producing content and wonder how

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