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The New Content BLVD is On It’s Way… Get on the List!

You know how brands like to get their products included inside content like blog posts, movies, TV shows, Youtube videos, and just about anywhere their target audience is looking? Well, Content Blvd is making it happen. Check out our fancy

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Are You Winning the Content Arms Race? You Can’t. It’s Not Real.

I love the smell of hyperbole in the morning. We in the pundit class are prone to overstate just about anything. I know I’ve done it, because boring doesn’t sell a blog post. Case in point: the existential concern about

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Sponsored Content Pricing: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

What should a sponsored post cost? How much is fair for a publisher to be paid? What are other brands paying? And what do they get for their money? Price transparency is one of many factors keeping sponsored content marketing

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Get the Click: How to Write Calls to Action that Drive Traffic from Your Sponsored Posts

Pay attention reader! Go this way. Every piece of content you publish ought to have a goal. Sponsored content placements on independent blogs are no different. Unfortunately, many content marketers use the guise of “generating awareness” or “creating brand lift,”

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