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Link Matters: Stop It with the Exact Match Anchor Text Already

Is your anchor text helping your site’s SEO, or is it going to sink your SERP rank? Anchor text is important. It gives readers a clue about what’s on the other side of the link. It does not tell Google

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News Flash: Matt Cutts Declares Guest Blogging Done, Except When It’s Done Well

Everyone hates web spam. It does no one any good, save for the spammers’ target sites which may see a temporary (even month’s long) bump in SERP rank, and the spammers themselves who will get another paycheck for doing the

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Install Your Own ‘Write for Us’ Widget: Stop Spam, Win $1000 (Yes, Really)

If you publish a blog, you know the hassle of spammy article pitches littering your inbox. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to read those again, but could still have the best original content filtered out and delivered

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Creating Compelling Content: The 3 Step Cure for Boring Post Syndrome

So you’re giving content marketing a go and trying to get your articles published on more blogs. That’s great! Both guest posts and sponsored posts play a vital role in building your brand far beyond your own blog. Beware however,

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Brands: Publishers Don’t Need Your Branded Content as Much as You Need Them

As brands move more quickly to adopt a robust content marketing strategy, it’s becoming clear how distributing branded content across many relevant sites can be such a powerful tactic. To execute this tactic well, it pays to understand your partners

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Blog Post Titles: 11 Pro Tips for Truly Clickable Content

Hey, look! No, literally, that’s what we’re talking about here. “Hey! Look at this post!” That’s the purpose of every single blog post title, right? What is the use of a blog post if no one stops to read it?

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Article Contest Winner: The Gold Medal!

M.K. took home the Gold in our first writing contest. Here, we’ll take a look at what made this article stand out, as well as examine some ideas for future improvement. M.K.’s article text appears in bold, with our comments

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