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Olympic Themed Content: 101 Ways to Newsjack the Sochi Games

Newsjacking is the public relations practice of using a current event to inject your own brand or website into the public discourse. It’s a useful practice to capture curiosity alongside other topics trending in social media and the top of

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Install Your Own ‘Write for Us’ Widget: Stop Spam, Win $1000 (Yes, Really)

If you publish a blog, you know the hassle of spammy article pitches littering your inbox. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to read those again, but could still have the best original content filtered out and delivered

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How to Become a Content Marketing Superstar, Part 1: Sourcing Content

Content marketing works when you consistently publish popular, trending content that your audience will enjoy. Generating that type of high quality content all the time, however, can soon prove a challenge to even the most ambitious business bloggers. This quick

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5 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

  Any serious blogger can take advantage of Chrome’s huge range of extensions in order to become more productive. If you are a Chrome user, here is a selection of five of the best extensions to assist you with various

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How to Riff Like a Rock Star to Write More Content Faster

  Riff 1. Music A short rhythmic phrase, especially one that is repeated in improvisation. 2. A clever or inventive commentary or remark Maybe you don’t know how to play guitar and the closest you’ve come to embodying a rock star persona is

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Election Case Study: 6 Ways to Leverage Big Trends

We know that developing content related to current trends is a winning strategy for getting and keeping readers. Posts related to trending topics do two things for you. First, they provide a “freshness” factor that can help improve your site’s SEO

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