LinkedIn Touts Citi’s Success As The Networking Site’s Content Marketing Ambitions Grow

Citi’s been doing great content and social media work for over a decade. Because they integrate the two and focus solely on delivering value to their audience, engagement and brand lift are significant. Take note: content marketing is not long form ads!


There’s been a lot of discussion and debate around the benefit to brands of building a presence on Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, LinkedIn has been ramping up its efforts to get brands to create content and promote it through advertising.

To illustrate the benefits of building a successful sponsored group, LinkedIn pointed me to Connect: Women’s Professional Network, which was launched nearly two years ago, in April 2012, and is “powered by Citi”. Connect is full of career- and finance-focused content aimed at women, such as this post about International Women’s Day and this discussion of communication challenges in the workplace, and it’s overseen by Jacky Carter, full-time community manager at LinkedIn.

Linda Descano, managing director at Citi and head of content and social, told me that the bank had been “talking to women about money, about the intersection of money and their…

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