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Sponsored Content Pricing: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

What should a sponsored post cost? How much is fair for a publisher to be paid? What are other brands paying? And what do they get for their money? Price transparency is one of many factors keeping sponsored content marketing

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To Write Killer Headlines, Appeal to Emotions, Not Google: Here’s Proof

Every blog post has a primary job: To be read by real people. Specifically, to be read and valued by the kinds of readers you want interacting with your site and your brand. It doesn’t matter if you published your

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In an Opt-In Culture, All Content is Branded Content

How we think about content is highly dependent on how we choose to interact with it. More often than not, the content we choose to consume comes with a label that we’re comfortable with, not unlike other products we use

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Olympic Themed Content: 101 Ways to Newsjack the Sochi Games

Newsjacking is the public relations practice of using a current event to inject your own brand or website into the public discourse. It’s a useful practice to capture curiosity alongside other topics trending in social media and the top of

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Viral Sponsored Content is a Terrible Marketing Strategy: Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Content marketing works for two very specific reasons. It’s created for the purpose of providing value to your audience, and it’s published in the places they frequent. Good content is attractive and intrinsically engaging to the people you want to

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Get the Click: How to Write Calls to Action that Drive Traffic from Your Sponsored Posts

Pay attention reader! Go this way. Every piece of content you publish ought to have a goal. Sponsored content placements on independent blogs are no different. Unfortunately, many content marketers use the guise of “generating awareness” or “creating brand lift,”

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How Does Content Marketing Grow a Business? (Part 1)

Mary, Mary, quite contrary How does your business grow? With Facebook posts and white papers And articles all in a row. No one really thinks that publishing content grows a business, do they? Perhaps I shouldn’t be asking that in

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