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Content Marketing for a Cause: Four Things the CDC can Teach Business about Smart Marketing Strategy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains countless content resources that directly support the organization’s public health goals. While the CDC is not a business, content marketers can learn a thing or two about effective content strategy just by

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Someone Will Always Write It Better… So What?

Getting started can be tough. Finishing is even harder sometimes. For those of us who write to influence others with our words, birthing an article can be fraught with anxiety, self-consciousness and delay. That’s dumb. There are no trophies and

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Link Matters: Stop It with the Exact Match Anchor Text Already

Is your anchor text helping your site’s SEO, or is it going to sink your SERP rank? Anchor text is important. It gives readers a clue about what’s on the other side of the link. It does not tell Google

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News Flash: Matt Cutts Declares Guest Blogging Done, Except When It’s Done Well

Everyone hates web spam. It does no one any good, save for the spammers’ target sites which may see a temporary (even month’s long) bump in SERP rank, and the spammers themselves who will get another paycheck for doing the

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9 Reasons We’re Exhibiting at NMX (And Why We’re Really Excited About It!)

Let’s get one thing out of the way: New media is where it’s at. If you aren’t marketing through new media, your business or organization is at risk. This is not buzz. It’s not spin. New media, including blogs, podcasts,

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