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Brands: Publishers Don’t Need Your Branded Content as Much as You Need Them

As brands move more quickly to adopt a robust content marketing strategy, it’s becoming clear how distributing branded content across many relevant sites can be such a powerful tactic. To execute this tactic well, it pays to understand your partners

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A Year in the Basement: What Content Farms Taught Me About the Value of My Writing

One aimless drifter’s experiences working for that most dubious of online labor endeavors, the content farm. “Never begin an article with ‘there are’.” – content farm copy editor There are many reasons to get into online writing, and there are

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What is Outbrain and Why Does It Matter to My Website?

More traffic makes everything better. It can make or break a blog. It can make or break a business. Which is why everyone online is looking for a competitive advantage. Visitors are why you build websites, of course, but they

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How to Become a Content Marketing Superstar, Part 1: Sourcing Content

Content marketing works when you consistently publish popular, trending content that your audience will enjoy. Generating that type of high quality content all the time, however, can soon prove a challenge to even the most ambitious business bloggers. This quick

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