5 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers


Any serious blogger can take advantage of Chrome’s huge range of extensions in order to become more productive. If you are a Chrome user, here is a selection of five of the best extensions to assist you with various aspects of your blogging activities, so if you haven’t already got them, make sure you try them out for yourself.

1. SEOMoz Toolbar

Every blogger should take their SEO seriously, and having access to an extension as useful as the SEOMoz Toolbar is a very good idea. When you visit any website this extension will enable you to see the domain authority, page authority, on-page SEO elements, and the MozRank, which is similar to the Google PageRank. You can also sign up to SEOMoz Pro for increased functionality, but this is not required. Essentially, if you are looking for a comprehensive SEO extension, this is one of the best you will find.

2. AddThis

Social media plays a big role in blogging, and AddThis is one of the best Chrome extensions for sharing things online. You can share to over 300 websites, including all of the big ones like Twitter and Facebook as well as many of the smaller ones. It also has added functions like translating pages, and it is easy to customize. There are plenty of other similar apps, but for speed and overall ease of use, AddThis is hard to beat.

3. goo.gl URL Shortener

Shortening URLs is an activity that many bloggers have to do on a daily basis, especially when they are posting updates to Twitter. There are many online tools that allow you to shorten links, but this extension from Google makes the process even quicker than normal. If you are on a webpage that you want to shorten, you can do so instantly using the extension and it will also be copied automatically to the clipboard. In addition, you can use the extension to generate a unique QR code, thereby avoiding the need to download another extension to perform the same function.

4. Zemanta

Zemanta is a very useful tool that allows you to get instant access to relevant content on the web while you are composing your blogs. You will get recommendations for links to articles, tags, and images from around the web so that you can improve your content without having to go searching for other media. This extension makes the whole process even easier, and it can be used with the major blogging platforms including Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous, and more.

5. Awesome Screenshot

Many bloggers illustrate their posts using screenshots, and this extension makes the whole process really easy. Using the extension, you can cut a whole page or just a portion of the page, and then annotate the shot using arrows, text, and shapes. You can also use the eraser function to cover up confidential details. All in all, it is one of the best screenshot tools available, and the fact that it is available as an extension for Chrome makes it even more convenient.

Check Out These Top Extensions

Chrome is one of the best browsers available, and part of the reason for this is that it has such a good range of extensions available. If you are a blogger and you want to improve your productivity, the above apps are some of the best ones available. However, there are plenty more than can help you to get even more out of your blogging, so see what you can find in the Chrome Web Store.

Frank Ashton is an avid user of WordPress for his clients. His articles mainly appear on blogging sites. Visit the WhoIsHostingThis for webhosting comparisons.

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3 comments on “5 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers
  1. Hello Frank,

    I love practical advice on what tools enhance a bloggers productivity. I use all of these extensions and they are all a huge help. Thanks for showing the way:)

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership

  2. Bill T says:

    Good compilation. Check out “TinyTweetr” for bloggers, helps create tweetables on blog posts!.


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