Content BLVD Writer’s Tip: Re-Assigning Your Unused Articles

Since content is provided for clients and blogs “on spec,” there’s always a chance that an article will go unused. As of this writing, we have a few dozen articles that carry an “Unused” status. Often, however, that just means the article hasn’t been used yet.

To find out if any of your articles are unused, go to My Submitted Articles and sort by status. You’ll see them there. If you do have any, here are a few options.

1. Wait and See What Happens

If you had contributed an article to an assignment that you’ve seen on the assignment wall more than once, or that’s been active for a number of months, it’s entirely possible the client will renew the assignment again. Most of our clients reorder on a regular basis. When that happens, unused articles are automatically made public in the gallery again, and are often the first to be awarded to blogs.

Also, when a blog requests a specific topic, and a client commissions one article for that blog, those assignments will show up as needing just one article. However, many blogs like to take more than one article on a topic if it’s a broad and popular subject. As soon as another client commissions an article for that topic, your unused article might be the first one the blog sees next.

2. We’ll Try to Find New Assignments for Your Article

When working to fulfill client assignments, one of the first things we do is check the inventory of unused articles for ones that might be a good fit. Admins are able to reassign articles to new assignments at the click of a button. From time to time, we ask writers to make minor adjustments to articles so they can be repurposed for different assignments. Of course, you know your own articles better than we do, so…

3. Look for Your Own Re-Assignment Possibilities

While the re-assignment function is not yet available to writers, it’s easy to make a switch. Just email writersupport [at] and tell us your article title and the assignment you’d like the article moved to. If it looks like a fit, we’ll move it for you.

4. Take Your Article for Use Elsewhere

As the creator of your content, unless your article has been awarded to a blog and you have a pending payment, or have already been paid for it, you are free to take it and use it as you wish. Simply hide your article, then cut out the content and paste it to your own word processor or another site. Search engines don’t crawl any of our articles because they are kept behind a login, so your article won’t be flagged as duplicate content.

Eventually, we plan to make all acceptable articles available for clients and bloggers to peruse, without first requiring an assignment. That’ll mean that if you have good ideas for blog posts, you can just write what you want and upload it. (That’s gonna be fun.) Until then, check on your unused articles. There might already be good homes waiting for them.

Mike is Co-founder and CMO of Content BLVD, a marketplace where product companies and YouTubers meet to get more products into more videos. He's written for, been quoted in, and kicked out of many fine establishments.

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