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Content BLVD Writer’s Tip: Re-Assigning Your Unused Articles

Since content is provided for clients and blogs “on spec,” there’s always a chance that an article will go unused. As of this writing, we have a few dozen articles that carry an “Unused” status. Often, however, that just means the

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3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Blog

 Starting a blog is one of the easiest aspects of the blogging business. However, once a blog is established, there is real work to be done in order to grow your blog into a worthwhile online destination. Getting an audience

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Overview of The Hottest Trends in the Blogosphere

  According to BlogPulse, there are close to 200 million blogs currently live on the web with over 50,000 new blogs created every day. But despite this astronomical growth, the world of blogging and bloggers has primarily stayed the same.

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Election Case Study: 6 Ways to Leverage Big Trends

We know that developing content related to current trends is a winning strategy for getting and keeping readers. Posts related to trending topics do two things for you. First, they provide a “freshness” factor that can help improve your site’s SEO

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