11 Tips to Prevent Writer’s Block

Tips to Overcoming Writer's BlockWriter’s block can creep up on any writer. Even professional authors may face writer’s block at some point in their careers. Luckily, there are things to do if you find yourself struggling about what to write next. This is a common struggle for those who write regularly and often. Sometimes it seems as though we’ve had every thought imaginable and took action with every idea thus far. What we don’t realize is that there are more ideas to be thought of and carried out in our writing.

1. Read Something New
It’s amazing how well reading something can motivate our own thoughts and ideas helping us to come up with new content of our own. Whether you want to read a book or just a new article, try to read something new at least once a day to help you drum up ideas of your own for your next writing piece.
2. Dedicate 20 Minutes a Day
It’s important to write consistently so on the days you are pressed for time try to write for at least twenty minutes. It might be a short story, a blog post, an article, etc. Set a timer for twenty minutes and get to writing. Taking too long of a break in between writing assignments can lead to writer’s block; the exact thing you want to prevent.
3. Set Realistic Goals
When we have a lot to do and a short time to do it, or so it seems, this can fill our mind and make it hard to think past these pressing issues. Don’t take on any assignments that you can’t realistically fit into your current schedule. Writer’s block may occur from feeling pressured to come up with the content in such a short time. Set reasonable deadlines and you will benefit with a boost in productivity and peace of mind.
4. Throw It Away
Sometimes you have to accept defeat and surprisingly it can actually help you. This is especially true for writers. At some point you have most likely written a piece that was, well, terrible. We all have. Instead of pondering over the piece and trying to dissect every word and what you can do to make it better, just throw it away. Consider it a loss and start anew. By accepting that it was simply a bad piece, you can clear your mind and start a new piece with organized and refreshed thoughts.
5. Write Something Different
If you’re working on a book or an article, write a letter or something different. Our mind often loses focus when we write the same thing day after day. Try writing something different like a letter to a best friend or family member, or maybe a short story. Writing something else will help you think differently. It doesn’t have to be a perfect piece of work, just something to help you change the direction of your thinking and in turn, writing.
6. Change Your Environment
You might be surprised to learn that your environment could be hindering your writing potential. Many times our environment contains many distractions which can make it hard to think when writing. Change the environment around you, whether you go outside to write, go out in public somewhere or simply pick up a pen and paper instead.
7. Add Variety
If you write all day every day, you need a break. Many regular writers endure writer’s block because their minds are constantly churning out new ideas and thoughts for their next writing piece. Work on another project in between your writing assignments. Take a break to do something else. Maybe you need to respond to emails, check your messages, etc.
8. Take a Walk
Many times a quick walk can make a world of difference in settling our thoughts. Beat writer’s block and go take a walk in the fresh air and clear your mind of work. Just getting up and moving around can get our creative juices flowing again.
9. Write Quickly and Revise Carefully
If you are like many writers you probably correct your mistakes and change up words while you’re writing. While it can be hard to break this habit it isn’t impossible. Spending too much time pondering on certain words and even sentence structure can lead a creativity block. Avoid this and simply write for the moment. When finished, you can go back and critique the piece carefully and slowly. Then you can make any changes you feel necessary.
10. Curate Something
As a publisher, your job isn’t just about writing– it’s about delivering great content to your readers. Having an eye for what’s hot, important, insightful, creative or otherwise useful for your readers is why they come to you. So go looking for good stuff in your niche and share it with your readers. We even have a page dedicated to blog post ideas. Think of it as a crowd-sourced antidote to writer’s block.
11. Find Your Motivation
Sometimes we lose track of the reason we write. What made you want to write in the first place? Overcoming writer’s block can be done with a boost in motivation. Remember what inspired you to write in the first place and the goals you intend to reach through writing. What do you plan to accomplish with this piece of work? Think of this any time you feel stuck and are unsure of which direction to continue.
Bonus Tip: Host Guest Content!
The most important part of owning a blog is publishing regularly. If you put the weight of the world on your shoulders, feeling like every new thought has to come from you, blogging can quickly become a daunting task. However, if you think of yourself as a publisher, with the license to write whenever you want, well now, that’s a completely different perspective! There is always someone who is ready and willing to write great new guest content for you right now. If you remember that, writer’s block starts to look like a 20th century problem.

Mike is Co-founder and CMO of Content BLVD, a marketplace where product companies and YouTubers meet to get more products into more videos. He's written for, been quoted in, and kicked out of many fine establishments.

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