Best Ad Services for Your Blog

Hands down, Google’s AdSense is the best known and most widely used ad network out there. Since 2003, AdSense has delivered ads on more sites than any other network, ads that adjust to the content bloggers serve up. With AdSense, you get paid for each ad click through your readers make when these ads are displayed on your site, enabling you to monetize your blog or website. AdSense is not the only ad service for your blog, so let’s look at a number of the more popular ones, including some that you might consider for your own sites.

1. AdSense — Clearly, Google’s AdSense network is the benchmark by which all other ad service networks are measured. Signing up is easy and your choices of display ads and text links is excellent. Ads can seamlessly be included on your pages to encourage clicks. You must make at least $100 per month to receive payment, with your balance rolling over to the next month until you reach the required pay out threshold. Payments are sent to your Paypal account about the 25th day of the following month. Learn more about AdSense here.

2. AdBrite — Can’t get into AdSense? Are you looking for something similar, but want more control over the ads served? AdBrite may be the answer for you. With AdBrite, you have full control over the ads served on your site. You get to manually review and select the ads that you want served before they appear on your site. You can choose a variety of ads including banner, skyscraper and leaderboard ads as well as full page ads and in-text or contextual targeted ads. You can run AdBrite with AdSense provided that the ads do not look alike. Payment is net 60 with a $100 pay out standard — you can adjust to a pay out as low as $5 — payment is sent out via check only. Learn more about AdBrite here.

3. Chitika — Like AdBrite, you can run Chitika ads on your site alongside your AdSense ads. Chitika is also ideal for the publisher that wants to run mobile and local ads, the latter especially ideal for bloggers with a very localized reach. Besides click through ads, you can run search-targeted ads that examine the keywords a web user is searching for. When they click through to your site, an ad is served up that matches those key words. Chitika offers a referral program where publishers can earn a fee equivalent to 10 percent of another publisher’s income for 15 months. Payments are net 30 with a $10 minimum to receive a deposit to your Paypal account. If you want a check, that threshold is $50. Learn more about Chitika here.

4. Bidvertiser — A number of the ad networks try very hard to offer something different from the AdSense norm. Bidvertiser is one of them. One of this ad network’s newest ad schemes are its slider ads, ad units that slide up from the bottom of the screen to the top of the page. Similar to pop-up ads, these ads make a dramatic debut and are placed within full site of your readers, yet are not so obtrusive that your content will be blocked. Bidvertiser also allows for more comprehensive customization of the ads that appear on your site, ideal if you have an odd-sized white space that is hard to fill. Publishers really like that the highest bid ads always appear on their sites, with advertisers bidding against each other for top placement. Payment is net 30 with a $10 minimum required a deposit to you Paypal account. You can choose to be paid by check instead — the threshold here is $100 before one is issued to you. Learn more about Bidvertiser here.

5. Blogads — If you have a highly visible blog, then your site may be a prime candidate for BlogAds. As its name suggests, its network is comprised entirely of blogs including DailyKos, PerezHilton and Wonkette. Bloggers also have full control over their ads and are able to choose their own advertisers, set rates, customize ad appearance, design a media landing page and make referral income. You can also join a hive where bloggers discuss the same topic, such as politics, a place where you can drive traffic to shared pages and earn income. Payments are net 15 and thresholds are $75 if paid by Paypal and $750 to receive a check. Learn more about BlogAds here.

6. PayPerPost — Blog advertising got hammered by the FTC when new disclosure rules were set down in 2009. Suddenly, bloggers that were making good income from paid posts saw an important source of income dry up. Izea, owner of PayPerPost, has managed to adjust with the new rules and provide a platform for bloggers to earn money. With PPP you register your blog, evaluate and respond to leads, and you provide a link in a blog article to a customer’s account. You can negotiate your price and can sometimes earn more money by including additional content. When you claim an opportunity, you submit it to the advertiser and receive your funds after 30 days once your balance reaches $50. Payments are made to your Paypal account only. Other Izea models include Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets. Learn more about PayPerPost here.

Blogger Cautions

There are dozens more ad service platforms available for bloggers. Amazon Associates is popular, but the retail giant has dropped advertisers in states where they are required to collect sales tax. Epic Direct, formerly Azoogle, is one large network that has closed down, always a possibility with any network in these days of high competition and multiple ad service platforms. To protect yourself, read each network’s publishers terms of service, to learn what is being offered and the rules you must follow. Break the rules and you can find your account blocked, your funds frozen and your reputation dashed with little recourse if the rules are stacked against you.

Mike is Co-founder and CMO of Content BLVD, a marketplace where product companies and YouTubers meet to get more products into more videos. He's written for, been quoted in, and kicked out of many fine establishments.

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