Make More Money With Quality Articles

If content is king, then you should be royally impressed. Especially if you are regularly adding well-written content to your blog. Increasing your publishing volume, however, can be achieved through two methods: what you write yourself and what others write for you. Together, this strategy can increase your blog content at a rapid clip and give you both short term and long term benefits.

The short term benefit is that your content can be easily found, shared and digested by your readers. Excellent content has the potential to go viral and pick up hundreds to tens of thousands of readers within days of publishing. The long term benefit of your best articles, however, can have an even more profound effect on the health of your site.

Most SEO experts say that stepped up content creation is either somewhat or very effective for SEO. SEO is, of course, search engine optimization or what helps your blog or website improve naturally in search results. The easier your site is found, the more likely you’ll attract visitors. And those visitors will take some kind of action including reading your content, clicking on a link or buying your products. Increased business, anyone?

Factoring in Panda

Google unleashed a major disturbance in all things search when the first wave of Panda updates rolled out beginning in February 2011. Immediately, Google began to penalize the lowest quality sites while rewarding those of the highest quality. Google’s algorithmic update, always a mystery to everyone, began to separate the good from the bad, by impacting overall site rankings — not just individual pages. That first wave was nearly universally criticized as certain scraper sites were inadvertently rewarded while those that followed Google’s rules were penalized.

Subsequent Panda updates over the ensuing seven months corrected the original problems and then went deeper and wider, impacting far more pages than had been reached previously. Once the Panda adjustment was finished, SEO experts concluded that unique, high-quality content creation needed to be stepped up as the major search engines, not just Google, were seeking to give web users the best experience possible when searching the Internet.

Along Comes Penguin

Google did not stop making adjustments after September 2011. Indeed, the search giant warned everyone that more changes were on the way and Google would continue with several smaller, incremental changes before hitting the web in a big way yet again.

In April 2012, Google Panda was followed by Google Penguin, an initiative that went after specific shady SEO practices. Sites were penalized for violating Google’s webmaster guidelines and Google went after sites that sold links, pushed duplicate content or advanced other unacceptable methods including keyword stuffing and page cloaking.

Looking Ahead

Google Penguin, like Panda, will span multiple updates and that means more changes will follow and will unfold over the coming months. Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, told attendees at SES San Francisco in August that the next update will reflect its engineers “incorporating new signals and iterating to improve the algorithm.” Cutts went on to explain that search experts will not want the next Penguin update as it will be “jarring and jolting” for website managers and SEO experts alike reports Search Engine Roundtable.

Given that there are many factors that comprise Penguin, you may feel overwhelmed by what promises to be a major disturbance to the rankings of many blogs and websites. Still, you can prepare yourself by continuing to produce top-notch content and supplement what you write with the many excellent articles offered through Content BLVD.

Circling back to our original discussion, the following are some of the long term benefits of increasing your publishing volume with help from Content BLVD, of course:

1. You become an authority. You’ve carefully culled your content and are have mastered curation of articles as well as a museum curator has acquired the appropriate paintings for her institution. This means that your articles are unique, interesting and have long term value. You may have a few articles that are time sensitive, but your strongest content is evergreen and always relevant. You know what articles are getting the most traffic too and make updates to these as required.

2. Your content is shared. One reason why your articles are going viral is because you are very active with social media. You read, share and thumb up excellent articles and your readers are doing the same. Social signals are so very important these days and those tweets, Facebook likes and other mentions are giving you short- and long-term benefits alike.

3. Your audience grows. The more you’re out there, the more likely you will attract a wider audience. Every person that comes to your site is a potential customer. People that trust what you have to say will return and become your followers. Followers are easy to turn into customers, giving you a chance to close more sales.

Content Wins

You get the picture — quality content not only makes you look good personally, it gets shared more often. The more eyes that read your content, the more likely you’ll gain a new customer. That cannot happen if your content publishing volume is not stepped up. You need to operate at full tilt and with the help of high quality guest articles from the talented pool on Content BLVD, you are closer to accomplishing your goal.

Mike is Co-founder and CMO of Content BLVD, a marketplace where product companies and YouTubers meet to get more products into more videos. He's written for, been quoted in, and kicked out of many fine establishments.

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