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What Makes a Guest Post Relevant To Your Readers?

Today, one of our publishers, the owner of a scuba diving blog, emailed me politely stating that he wouldn’t be publishing an article we’d delivered to him about exotic scuba diving destinations. The reason? The contributing author’s website is about selling

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11 Tips to Prevent Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can creep up on any writer. Even professional authors may face writer’s block at some point in their careers. Luckily, there are things to do if you find yourself struggling about what to write next. This is a

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7 Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Monetizing your blog ensures that your site is rewarded for your hard work. Your blog may not make you rich or provide a full-time living, but it can offer extra income that can certainly help your budget. In our last

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Best Ad Services for Your Blog

Hands down, Google’s AdSense is the best known and most widely used ad network out there. Since 2003, AdSense has delivered ads on more sites than any other network, ads that adjust to the content bloggers serve up. With AdSense,

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Make More Money With Quality Articles

If content is king, then you should be royally impressed. Especially if you are regularly adding well-written content to your blog. Increasing your publishing volume, however, can be achieved through two methods: what you write yourself and what others write

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Blog Networks, SEO and Unique Content

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have certainly done a number on the minds of SEO experts. Search engine optimization is always a moving target, but following more than a year of consecutive earth-shaking updates, the Google battering ram has essentially

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6 Elements of a Terrific Blog Post

  There are good blog posts and then there are terrific blog posts. You, of course, want to strive for writing the best articles and uploading the highest level of content to your website. The best content brings in the

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