September Drawing Results!

Getting all the entries ready.

The Drawing Has a Winner!

We take our contests very seriously here. Our last contest featured lots of great writing and we spent quite some time adjudicating the entries.

This contest was really a drawing. So, we took it a bit less seriously. We’re writers, right? This is drawing.



When we announced the drawing, we started keeping track of articles that met the criteria for the drawing. Those were any pieces submitted for campaigns needing 3 or fewer total articles. LOTS of qualifying entries came in. Many writers submitted 5 or more qualifying article entries. Once the deadline arrived, we printed out a list of all the qualifying articles and sliced them up into strips.

Lots and Lots of Entries!


We next placed all the entries in a hat. My hat. This was easy, since it was on my head.

Hmm, they don’t fit.


Unfortunately, they did not fit in my hat. So, I tried a different hat.

My straw fedora won’t work either.


Drat! Yet another hat was too small for the many, many entry slips. So, I asked myself, “Self, out of what else do people draw contest entries, when hats are not up to the task?” A basket? A hopper? A pot? Shazam! I’ve got one of those!

This pot resents being used for this purpose. Lobsters only.


Now, since I can’t pick the winner, I had to employ a helper. Someone completely isolated from Content BLVD and for whom cheating would be impossible. Someone with four legs.

Buster is completely objective. Unless there is peanut butter involved.


Buster (a German Wirehaired Pointer, if you were interested) agreed to choose the winner of the drawing without objection. He was mildly bribed with some treats, but upon shoving his face into the well-mixed entries and grabbing a snack, one entry slip stuck to his lip and was pulled out.

He apparently didn’t enjoy paper in his mouth, and swiped it off in a hurry!


That drool-covered entry slip belonged to our drawing winner, P.R., for her article on healthier alternatives to cigarettes. Congratulations P.R.! $100 extra will be coming your way tomorrow afternoon!


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