Content BLVD is a Farmers Market

If you’ve ever shopped at a farmers market, you’ve seen tables upon tables of similar produce offered by different farmers. Shoppers dart between tables, eager to bag the crispest vermillion-stemmed chard. Others peer over shoulders, hoping to see remnants of a blossom on the pickling cukes – a dead giveaway of freshness. Whatever the desired forage, there is no shortage of selection, and the best example of a particular type of produce has an “it” factor that distinguishes it from the slightly less-desirable same vegetable available for purchase from a nearby vendor.


In an ideal world, the veggie quality speaks for itself. But merchandising basics can boost the attractiveness of less-than-optimal produce, causing it to sell better than poorly merchandised but superior crops. A few bales of hay, some burlap or gingham fabric and wooden display boxes or straw baskets at the table tap into a primal understanding in shoppers’ brains of what items a proper, authentic farm must have on hand and in surplus at all times (which, of course, is completely contrived). Similarly, a well-sunned, overall-clad, straw-hatted sales person will be busy, whether or not he or she is the actual farmer. This “farm-washing” is deliberate, manipulative and successful (just look at the images on the milk cartons in the supermarket – few modern dairies look anything like these bucolic farms). People shopping at a farmers market are buying more than just veggies – they’re buying the experience of buying local veggies directly from the most farmer-like farmer with the most farm-like farm stand table.

Quality Avocados Don’t Sell Themselves

Content BLVD works in very much the same way. We run the farmers market. Our assignments function as a call for farmers. Our farmers are writers, who offer their articles like avocados, often assuming that their avocado is the best, and that what constitutes the best avocado will be obvious to all shoppers. Article Titles and Synopses offer a chance at merchandising the article – letting folks get a glimpse of what they might find should they visit the table and read the entire article. Blog owners / Publishers are on the hunt for the best veggies. They’re late for dinner and shopping in a hurry – so they take a quick glance around to see which articles look the best, based on how they’re merchandised. Gorgeous articles languish at plain tables, lacking titles and synopses that catch the attention of the shopping masses.

Selling Under-ripe Fruit

Smart farmers who do well at farmers markets know that they may not always have the premier produce to offer. They also understand that their success is not dependent solely on the quality of the vegetables they offer – it’s also dependent upon how they offer the veggies. If nobody visits their table, they won’t sell anything. Instead, folks will head over to the table with the gingham tablecloth and three bales of hay. If what is being sold at that table looks just fine, that’s what they’ll buy. Writers in our market need to understand that it’s crucial to their success that their titles and synopses serve as a beacon to shopping publishers.

But suppose all Content BLVD writers do a reasonably good job offering exciting titles and eye-catching synopses?


At a supermarket, all of the avocados are in the same place. Shoppers don’t have to judge one avocado over another based on anything besides the quality of the avocado. When that happens, different people choose different avocados for different reasons. But they all choose avocados that appeal to them and meet the criteria for what they need. Some may be making guacamole today, and need a super fresh avocado that is soft around the stem. Others may have weekend plans and desire an avocado that ripens for a few days. They’re going to pick different avocados, but they won’t pick avocados that have obvious blemishes, or that are overripe. Similarly, publishers won’t make offers to publish articles that are flawed upon closer inspection. It’s got to be a total package.

We’ve got Overalls and Organic Fertilizer for You

Ideally, you’ve got a snappy farm-looking table with lovely avocados. We provide all sorts of helpful tools for you, which should help you look good both from a distance and up close. Our Writer Resource Manual is stuffed to the gills with details on the mechanics of how things work at Content BLVD. We’ve got whole pages detailing how to Write Blog Posts that Matter and Our Philosophy of Ghost Writing. Finally, our Article Guidelines page drills down the best practices for article crafting into a detailed, actionable roster of avocado-optimizing greatness.

Sometimes we can be full of manure, but we try to use it to benefit your writing. Use our tips and ideas to spruce up your farmer costume and grow the best crops possible.

Quality Stands Out

Optimal success in our Farmers’ Market comes to those writers who attract shopping publishers with terrific titles and standout synopses. Upon arriving at the beautiful table, publishers examine the articles in depth. They’ve got awesome introductions that lead logically into the article body. The body proceeds sensibly, covering a few key concepts in deeper-than-basic depth. Then, it’s all tied together with a nifty bow in the form of a valuable conclusion. These articles are obviously worth publishing, and shoppers grab them up with alacrity.

Spending some time making sure all of your article elements are worthy of being chosen will make a big difference in the number and quality of offers we receive for your articles. So, help shopping publishers pick your avocado of an article. It’s a gorgeous dusky green-black with just the right amount of give near the stem. It slices easily, and gives up the pit without deformation. Every bite pulls in the lime, cilantro, onion, tomato, jalapeno and garlic Google juice included in the publisher’s guacamole guest blog post, and all who taste it clamor for more. The publisher’s only disappointment is that she won’t be able to get back to your table soon enough. It’s time to grow some more avocados. Strap on your overalls and get busy writing; we’re open 24/7.

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