What is PR, and Why is it So Important for Guest Blogging?

PageRank (PR) is a Google term named not for the actual Google search results page upon which a site appears, but rather for Larry Page, one of Google’s founders. Broadly, PageRank delivers a numerical value between 0 and 10, inclusive, designed to quantify the quality and quantity of inbound links to a web page. The higher the PR of the page bearing a link to your website, the better quality the link.

(Grab a web browser extension to view PR here, or read a really long techy smart-person explanation of PageRank here.)

When you offer to guest post on a blog, you want to target blogs with high PageRanks. This is because each increase in PR placement delivers an increased share of “link juice.” The link juice will translate into a better PR for your site, once it adds up to a critical mass. You can collect link juice in thimbles, gallon jugs or tanker ships, depending on your efforts.

Since the PR algorithm is secret, the exact dosages of link juice related to the various PageRank values are not definitively known. But SEO experts generally agree, and multi-year testing of the theory confirms, that each increase in PR value is worth roughly five times the prior PR value. Hence, a PR3 placement should impart about five times the link juice that a PR2 placement would deliver. Similarly, you’d need five PR2 links to get the same link juice of just one PR3 link. If you score a guest blog opportunity on a PR6 blog, you’re getting around five times the PR5 link juice, which itself is five times the link juice of a PR4 placement. That’s 25 times more link juice pointing at your site – a gallon of link juice rather than a thimble – telling Google that your site is of greater authority.

As should now be clear, higher PR guest blog placements will deliver link juice much more quickly than lower placements – indeed, you might have to get 25 PR2 links to harness the link juice of just one PR4 link. Consider the time you’ll waste writing and offering 25 guest posts to PR2 blogs, when you could focus instead on writing one good article for one PR4 blog.

This is why quality content is so critical. Since they’re worth so much more in terms of link juice, links from high PR blogs are extremely desirable. High PR blogs know this and are consequently quite picky when it comes to accepting guest blog posts. If you want to guest post on high-PR blogs, you’ve got to write great, meaty content. Fluff doesn’t cut it, and high-PR blogs don’t post articles designed to max out outdated SEO ideas. You’ve got to have original ideas in a format designed to deliver some value to actual human readers.

So, to get the most out of your guest blogging efforts, spend most of your time writing top-notch articles. Your efforts will be rewarded with serious link juice when your guest posting is accepted on a high PR blog. Mmmmm. Link juice.

Mike is Co-founder and CMO of Content BLVD, a marketplace where product companies and YouTubers meet to get more products into more videos. He's written for, been quoted in, and kicked out of many fine establishments.

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