Ghostwriting Challenge: Boring Products

Ghostwriting presents a host of challenges, but things get especially dicey when the target topic is lifeless and boring. Not only do we need to at least tangentially reference the key item, but we’ve also got to make sure that the resulting article will be interesting for people to read. That means not writing about the product or service directly. Instead, we need to try writing an informative story about something that is interesting and incorporate the boring product as a character.

Solve A Problem

A great place to start is to identify a problem that the product in question solves. Batteries provide portable power. Floor mats keep interior spaces clean and dry. Awnings cut down on harsh rays of the sun and keep rooms cool in the summer. But few people will read an article about how batteries provide portable power. Everyone knows that batteries provide portable power – that’s the raison d’être of a battery. We’ve got to expound upon the concept.

Wider is Better

To do so, broaden the solution to include other possible solutions to the same problem. Solar panels and generators also can provide portable power. Vestibules with incorporated floor drains also keep interior spaces clean and dry. Thermal shades and window blinds also block harsh sunbeams. Write the article covering all the bases.

Pick a Context

Now think about a situation in which all of the options may be of value to a reader, while also keeping in mind that the resulting article must be marketable to blog owners. The battery article might talk about options for keeping connected to civilization while car camping. Since power is required to keep connected to civilization, and not all camping facilities feature electrical hookups and Wi-Fi Internet access, portable power can be referenced in a way that might be useful to someone. With paragraphs on generators, solar panel chargers, inverters and batteries, you’ll easily reach 700-800 words. In each section, you’ll want to include the pros and cons of each, plus any special considerations for that technology.

Another battery article might feature step-by-step instructions for getting a motorcycle out of storage. Naturally, one step will be to test and charge the battery. There are tons of new people digging motorcycles out of storage every spring. Useful, insightful instructions for getting them back on the road can make a worthwhile article.

Both topics are far better than writing about batteries. These articles stand a much better chance of a blog owner being interested in publishing them. They’ll also be rich with content that someone will find value in reading.

Killer Contexts

Some contexts can suck the life out of a really good, informative and interesting article, because there won’t be anywhere to put the post. Earlier this year, I wrote a great piece about how to sort through and dispose of the belongings of a loved one who had passed away. The tips were top notch, and the solutions I offered were very valuable, but there simply are no quality blogs focusing on funerals or bereavement. Since the topic (self storage) has many other, more marketable contexts into which it could be inserted, I had to go back to the drawing board.

Remember, we’re writing content for readers, not for SEO. Real, independent blog owners who are unaffiliated with us have to find sufficient value in what we write to post our articles on their blogs. Writing about an inherently boring topic directly on the site that deals with that topic is a lot easier than guest blogging about it. By bringing boring subjects to life as a tangential element of a more widely interesting article, we greatly increase the chances of finding a good place to publish the piece.

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  1. […] When a writer is tasked with the job of writing an article related to a boring product, you get a boring article. It could be well-written and factually correct, but if no one wants to read an article about your product and the problems it solves, the article can’t be about your product. This is such a common problem, especially with ghost writers doing the work for you that we wrote an article called, Ghost Writing Challenge: Boring Products. […]

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