The Content Cream Rises

If you understand the Google algorithm, you know that the ultimate goal of the ever-changing mysterious recipe is to deliver the exact result desired by the person doing the searching. So you have a choice. You can shortcut the process and try to trick Google into listing your content more often and higher in it’s results. Or, you can write more and better content to get there.

Google’s Just Trying to Help

Google doesn’t look at the internet as one big data bucket. It’s purpose is to spontaneously and accurately re-order it for every single user, according to each user’s needs. To that end, Google has added all sorts of well-publicized tracking elements designed to better contextualize (for both natural and sponsored search) what it is that you’re trying to find.

Searching for “Concord history,” while located in Massachusetts, for example, is likely to return results different from those returned if searching from the Bay Area in California. These results would differ still if you happen to be a vintner interested in the origin of a grape. Google wants to know what you want to find and get it to you without requiring you to fully contextualize your own search terms. But once it’s deduced your intended topic, Google additionally wants to rank the results it delivers in order of relevance and quality.

Unfortunately, quality of content is somewhat difficult to determine. Google has consequently employed a strategy of ranking websites and blogs for their relative authority on the subjects covered. It’s been possible, at various iterations of the algorithm, to game the system by stuffing keywords, creating vast sites devoid of valuable content or by engaging in irrelevant link buying or exchanging schemes. These, of course, end up undermining Google’s ultimate goal of delivering the results desired by a searcher, so as time rolls along, these attempts to cheat the algorithm are discovered and “punished” by a decreased search rank.

Help Google Help You

The best way to stay in Google’s good graces is to avoid any and all trendy schemes designed to game the system. Google wants to deliver the best quality, most relevant content. So, the only real way to game the system is to deliver high quality, relevant content about your site’s topic. You can amplify your ranking by connecting with other sites and blogs relevant to your site, provided those blogs have established themselves as worthy of Google’s respect via a good Page Rank.

Essentially, Google wants the cream to rise. You can count on a new scheme to improve your search rank every time the algorithm changes, but consistent quality and relevance on your site are the only way to guarantee Google will honor your hard work. So, work on the right things. Build a blog comprised of high quality thought leadership on your topic and you’ll rise right to the top.

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